Terms of Service

Please take a few moments to read our small print before you start using Worcade. You can find links to our Terms of Service, Privacy Statement and Security below.

Do you have any questions or remarks about these texts? Send us an email at hello@worcade.com or fill out our contact form.

Terms of Service and data processing agreement

You can download our Terms of Service.

Our data processing agreement is an addendum to our Terms of Service which applies automatically to Worcade users who are a part of a Worcade Company.

Your data is safe with us

With regards to privacy, we can be very brief. Worcade protects your data to ensure as few people as possible can access it. We don’t sell your data but make money by selling Worcade Pro accounts. Read all about security and our privacy statement.

TOPdesk ♥ Worcade integration

Suppliers will not gain access to your TOPdesk!

Worcade is a collaboration platform via which you can easily communicate with your suppliers. Your supplier cannot access your TOPdesk environment. They’ll be using the Worcade web application and will only see the data you explicitly shared with them. You decide which data you share when communicating a call.