We’ll be adding more new Pro features next year, and the price will be €19,- per user per month once we have added new features. Get started today with Worcade Pro and get a 50% discount all through 2018.
Choose the perfect plan to optimize help for your customers.

Worcade's standard features

Keep all customer questions in one clear overview and communicate via chat.

Easily assign someone who’s responsible for the next step in order to help out a customer.

Have one clear overview of the total duration of the conversation.

Rating stars
Get feedback from your customer on handling the conversation.

Add people
Easily add colleagues or people from other organizations to a chat.

Check marks
Immediately see whether your messages have been received or read.

Response time
See at a glance how quickly the customer’s question was answered.

Collaborate with colleagues in a group to quickly help out customers.

Worcade's Pro features

Work orders
Add a work order to a chat with time spent, used materials and costs.

Manage your assets and add details of the asset to a Worcade-chat.

Add several labels to your conversations so they’re easy to find.

Keep track of all the things that need to be done in a list.

Private chat
Ask other organizations for help to take care of your customers’ request, without them knowing it.

Create locations and link them to your assets. That’s how you know where your stuff is.

Mail import
Customise the name of the email address to import messages via your personal Worcade email address.

And more!!
We’re super busy with developing more beautiful Pro features. We keep you posted here.