Zapier integration

Zapier enables you to connect applications without having to code. You could for instance link Worcade to Pushover – an app that provides push notifications. Zapier is supported by hundreds of applications so the possibilities are endless.

Connect to Worcade via Zapier

Zapier calls a link between applications a zap. A zap starts based on a trigger, something that happens in an application. The trigger kicks off an action in another app.
So in a zap that connects Worcade to Pushover, the trigger would be a new or updated conversation in Worcade kicking off a Pushover notification.

Our Zapier integration is currently in need of beta testers! Tell us your Zapier email address and we’ll invite you to participate.

To receive a notification for any new (or updated) Worcade conversation via Pushover using Zapier, follow the example below.

Connecting Worcade to Pushover (example)

Sign up for a Pushover account and install the app on your smartphone. Pushover is free to try for a few days after which you have to pay a one time fee per platform.

Sign up for a Zapier account if you haven’t already done so. Zapier accounts have free and paid plans – see the Zapier Pricing page for more info.

Create a new zap

  1. Login to Zapier
  2. Click Make a zap!

Setup Worcade as a trigger

  1. In Choose a Trigger App, select Worcade
  2. Choose between only new conversations or updated conversations as well
  3. Connect your Worcade account by entering your Worcade login email address, password and API key
  4. Choose whether you’d like to suppress notifications you initiated yourself
  5. Test the trigger and Continue if everything works fine.

Setup Pushover as an action

  1. In Choose an Action App, select Pushover
  2. Choose between the type of notification. Emergency Push Notifications require you to acknowledge you read them.
  3. Connect your Pushover account by entering your Pushover key
  4. Setup the template of the push notification you’ll receive. You can just connect the Worcade conversation’s title to Pushover’s message or utilise more fields.
  5. Finish the zap.

That’s it!


Contact us if you have troubles connecting Worcade to Zapier.

Worried about your pronunciation of Zapier? Their tagline “Zapier makes you happier :)” rhymes.