TOPdesk-Worcade Technology

The TOPdesk integration with Worcade allows you to share calls with your suppliers, without the need to grant your suppliers access to TOPdesk. But how does it work?

TOPdesk – Worcade connection

Although the Worcade tab is visible in TOPdesk caller cards by default, it only shows a page from Worcade’s website. To enable the data exchange between TOPdesk and Worcade, a TOPdesk administrator has to “Connect to Worcade” explicitly via Functional settings > Worcade.

After connecting TOPdesk to Worcade, data is exchanged between the operators web browser and Worcade’s servers. Worcade creates an account for each TOPdesk operator automatically based on the email address on the operator card.

The TOPdesk server does not communicate with Worcade’s servers directly. All communication with Worcade is encrypted via HTTPS.

Exchanged data

Exchanged data is aimed at uniquely identifying the TOPdesk application server, operator and supplier (names and email addresses, branch address) as participants of a conversation.

Data an operator adds to a Worcade conversation will be sent to and stored on Worcade’s servers after an operator submits, enabling other participants of the conversation to access the data. This data involves specific call details like call number, short description, request, action, object, location and attachments. TOPdesk only submits data added to the conversation by an operator.

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