Worcade Guide for TOPdesk

Worcade is a collaboration platform for service professionals. Using Worcade, you can involve any other service professional on your call. No matter for which organization they work or which tool they use.

Meet Worcade

As a TOPdesk operator, you can communicate with third parties via the tab Worcade on any incident card. You can easily pass along any relevant information you like from the call.

Worcade invites new users to the conversation using email. Other parties can participate immediately as Worcade works on any device with an internet connection. We created this short video to explain Worcade to TOPdesk users.

Why use Worcade?

Easy collaboration with other parties
It’s easy to start a conversation from your TOPdesk call with other parties in Worcade. It’s also easy to add new participants to an ongoing conversation. Worcade uses the information from the TOPdesk call. This can be the other parties’ name or a short description of the call. With one click you can share information from a call with the other party.

Communication without access
The other party receives an email notification about the new conversation. This email shows a link that leads you directly to the Worcade conversation. The other party doesn’t have to access your TOPdesk environment. Easy and very safe!

Anytime, anywhere
Worcade is a separate application which is seamlessly integrated with TOPdesk. When you don’t have access to your TOPdesk environment, it’s still possible to communicate with other parties via Worcade. The collaboration platform is entirely web based, so it can be used anywhere and anytime.

All communication in a single location
You communicate with other parties in many different ways. However, important information that helps you stay in charge is spread out across different communication channels. This makes it difficult to keep a good overview. By communicating with other parties via Worcade, all your communication will be in a single location.

How Worcade works for other parties

If you start a conversation with a party who is using TOPdesk as well, a call is created in their TOPdesk automatically.

If the other party is not using TOPdesk, they can participate using Worcade.

To show incidents changed via Worcade in italic in your to do list:

  1. Click the silhouet in the top right corner
  2. Open My Settings
  3. Check “Italics: modified by somebody else”
  4. Save settings

When receiving email notifications via TOPdesk, you can disable Worcade’s email notifications:

  1. Open the tab Worcade on any incident card
  2. Open your Worcade profile via the silhouet
  3. Untick “Receive conversation updates”

To create a TOPdesk call for every Worcade conversation started with you:

  1. Open the tab Worcade on any incident card
  2. Open your Worcade profile via the silhouet
  3. Select your TOPdesk environment below “Automatically forward new conversations to my TOPdesk”