TOPdesk integration

Worcade is a collaboration platform where service professionals can easily and efficiently communicate and have fun doing so. If you’re already using TOPdesk, you can integrate Worcade for free.

All communication in a single location

You communicate with your supplier in many different ways. However, important information that helps you stay in charge is spread out across different communication channels. This makes it difficult to keep a good overview. By communicating with suppliers via Worcade, all your communication will be in a single location.

Easy collaboration with suppliers

It’s easy to start a conversation with from your TOPdesk call your supplier in Worcade. It’s also easy to add new participants to an ongoing conversation. Worcade uses the information from the TOPdesk call. This can be the suppliers’ name or a short description of the call. With one click you can share information from a call with your supplier.

Communication without access

The other party receives an email notification about the new conversation. This email shows a link that leads you directly to the Worcade conversation. The supplier doesn’t have to access your TOPdesk environment. Easy and very safe!

Anytime, anywhere

Worcade is a separate application which is seamlessly integrated with TOPdesk. When you don’t have access to your TOPdesk environment, it’s still possible to communicate with your supplier via Worcade. The collaboration platform is entirely web based, so it can be used anywhere and anytime. Read more technical details about the TOPdesk and Worcade integration.

Implementing Worcade

Worcade is available for every new TOPdesk 6 or higher version. It only takes one push of a button to activate Worcade for every call. Go to TOPdesk and open the Functional Settings and click the ‘Connect to Worcade’ button.

TOPdesk mail import

You can manage Worcade’s update notifications using the TOPdesk mail import, enabling you to:

  • see a visual indicator (italic) of updated Worcade conversions in the to-do list;
  • display your supplier’s response(s) in the TOPdesk field action;
  • trigger an event so you have more control over the content of the notification email message and when it is sent;
  • create a new call with linked Worcade conversation automatically.