Start a conversation via email

We cannot prevent people from sending you email.
But we can make it easier to transfer the communication to Worcade as soon as possible.

Forward email to Worcade

Worcade Pro users can be reached via a Worcade email address. Your Worcade email address is displayed on the Worcade profile page. You can forward email messages to your Worcade email address to continue the conversation in Worcade.

Worcade processes email messages like this:

  • The sender of the email (from) is listed as the reporter
  • The subject of the email carries over as the conversation title
  • The content of the email carries over as the conversation
  • Attachments and inline images carry over as attached files to a conversation

Customise email addresses

Worcade Pro users can customise their Worcade email address via the profile page. A custom email address is easier to remember and suitable to publish on a web site.