Worcade Guide

Worcade is a collaboration platform for service professionals. Worcade enables you to deliver good customer service by handling all conversations with your customers in one place.

Meet Worcade

Customers can start a Worcade conversation with you using a regular contact form. Or you can start a conversation for them. Next, you can chat and explicitly close the conversation when you’re done. Worcade keeps track of response time and duration automatically. And your customer can send you feedback after you closed the conversation.

In case of a more complex conversation, you can add partipants. As a collaboration platform for service professionals, Worcade allows you to involve any other service professional. No matter which organization they work for or which tool they use. Everybody is on the same page immediately. We created this short video to explain Worcade.

Why Worcade?

All communication in a single location
By communicating with other parties via Worcade, all your communication will be in a single location.

Start conversations with a contact form
We provide a simple contact form you can use on your web site to enable visitors to start a conversation with you.

Easy collaboration with other parties
It’s easy to start a conversation with other parties in Worcade. It’s also easy to add new participants to an ongoing conversation.

Anytime, anywhere
The collaboration platform is entirely web based, so it can be used anywhere and anytime.

How Worcade works for other parties

Worcade invites new users to the conversation using email. Other parties can participate immediately as Worcade works on any device with an internet connection.

If you start a conversation with a party who is using TOPdesk, a call is created in their TOPdesk automatically.

If the other party is not using TOPdesk, they can participate using Worcade.

Learn more?

More information about Worcade’s Free and Pro features.