Farewell and goodbye!

Dear Worcade users,

We’d like to inform you that Worcade will be taken offline. The portal will be available until 3 November 2019; for the time after, please look for an alternative solution.

Worcade will disappear, yet the idea behind the platform is still very much alive. As part of TOPdesk’s service management products, the new Collaboration Platform is being developed to connect collaborating organizations. The goal is to eventually suit the needs of service organizations even better.

For the Worcade team, this project has been a fun ride and we’ve learned a lot these past few years. Hopefully, your organization can replace Worcade without too much of a hassle. With any further questions, feel free to contact us at hello@worcade.com.

It’s been a pleasure to be at your service.

Team Worcade

TOPdesk’s Collaboration Platform

TOPdesk altered its strategy and is now working on an in-tool solution allowing for collaboration between partner organizations. We’re convinced that eventually, TOPdesk’s new Collaboration Platform will suit your needs even better. Currently, the solution supports TOPdesk-to-TOPdesk integrations; connections with other service management solutions will follow. In case that the Collaboration Platform doesn’t cover your use cases yet, please contact your TOPdesk account manager.